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Our Story

Welcome to New To Brewing, your ultimate guide to the wonderful world of homebrewing! We’re here to help you unlock the secrets of brewing delicious beers right in the comfort of your home.

Our journey began in [Year], fueled by a passion for beer and a desire to create a community where brewing enthusiasts, both new and experienced, could come together, learn, and share their brewing adventures.

Our Mission

At New To Brewing, our mission is to demystify the brewing process, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, even those with no prior experience. We believe that with the right guidance, resources, and a sprinkle of creativity, anyone can brew beer that they can be proud to share with friends and family.

Delicious brew!
Delicious brew!

Meet the Team

Stu – Founder & Head Brewer

With over a decade of homebrewing experience, Stu turned his hobby into a career as the founder and head brewer of Brew.info. His passion for craft beer shines through in the advice, recipes, and equipment reviews he shares on the site, aimed at getting more people to discover the joys of homebrewing. When he’s not busy concocting new brews or imparting his wisdom online, you can find Stu checking out new breweries, unwinding with one of his latest creations, or simply enjoying a good pint. His enthusiasm is contagious – just reading his articles might inspire you to try homebrewing yourself. So grab a cold one, and cheers to Stu for following his passion!

What We Offer

At New To Brewing, we provide:

  • Step-by-step guides for beginners.
  • Detailed tutorials for various brewing techniques.
  • Insightful articles on different beer styles and ingredients.
  • Reviews of the best brewing equipment.
  • A community forum for sharing tips and stories.
  • And much more!

Join Our Community

Whether you’re a complete newbie or have dabbled in brewing before, we’re here to support you on your brewing journey. Join our community, explore our resources, and start brewing your own amazing beers today!

Cheers to Brewing!

The New To Brewing Team